Thursday, 8 March 2012

Get A Taste: The Glass Man

Tara of Basically Books and I often read very different books but sometimes find interesting new books to potentially add to the ever-growing monsters that our TBR piles have morphed into. However, we know that we do not have 100% the same taste and we wanted another way of getting a look at these books...

Do you ever feel like getting a bit of a taster for a book you’ve been thinking of reading but aren’t fully sold on yet? Do you feel like sharing a taster for your current read with the world? Well, here’s your chance.

Each week the random number generator will pick a number between 1 and 100 for books with pages or 1 and 25% for ebooks. We figured that these numbers would keep us out of spoiler territory. Open your book to the specified place and pick a paragraph. Share it with the world!

The numbers for this week are:
p22 for books
13% for ebooks

My book is:

His fingers played up and down my uncovered arms, drew me into an embrace as he kissed my shoulder. "I can't stop thinking about the first time you gave yourself to me."
I braced my hands against the wall and shoved. He stumbled away. I staggered back to the side of the bed. "I wasn't myself that day. You - you did something to me."

In the case of this book, I actually feel really lucky. It had been on my TBR for a while and I was seriously considering parting with the money for it when I won a copy of it in a giveaway a couple of months ago! Yey! Lucky me. I had other reading obligations that I had to read first, but earlier this week I received a mail about the sequel to The Glass Man and that gave me the kick up the butt that I needed to crack open this book. I'm really enjoying it so far so I have high hopes for it!

Do you want to join in too? Here’s how:
Step 1: Copy and paste the Get A Taste image.
Step 2: Copy and paste our intro or write your own but it must link back to both of our blogs.
Step 3: Find the designated page for the week.
Step 4: Type out a paragraph or so from your book.
Step 5: Post it and share it!
We would appreciate it if you'd leave a comment letting us know where we can find your post. We'll be sure to pop on by and leave a comment!
Thanks and have fun!


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