Just a quick way to navigate through all the previous memes Tara and I have done together. We do two of them.

Where we compare covers of the UK editions of books with those of the US editions.
The link on the left will link to my version of the meme, the link on the right will link to Tara's.

Week 4: ***Missed due to illness***
Week 5: Haunting Violet           Tara's Haunting Violet
Week 7: Flying Blind           Tara's Flying Blind
Week 8: Divergent           Tara's Divergent
Week 9: Gone           Tara's Gone
Week 10: Mistress of Rome          Tara's Mistress of Rome
Week 12: Blood Red Road          Tara's Blood Red Road  
Week 13: Switched          Tara's Switched
Week 14: The Book Thief          Tara's The Book Thief
Week 15: White Cat          Tara's White Cat
Week 16: Dark Fever          Tara's Dark Fever

Where we give a (spoiler-free) teaser quote from a book we're reading.
The first link will link to my meme, the second to Tara's.

Week 15: The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan  //  Tara's
Week 16:


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