Monday, 13 August 2012

The Cover Wars: The Nightwatch

Tara of Basically Books and I decided to get together to do a weekly meme where we would compare covers of the UK editions of books with those of the US editions.

The aim of this is to just have a bit of fun. We put ourselves in the position where we see both of these books side by side in the bookstore. Which would we choose? Why that one and not the other?

This week we will be comparing the covers of The Nightwatch by Sergei Lukyanenko. (Amazingly I was able to spell that surname without having to look it up!)

US cover                                         UK cover

Rea says: This is another one where there’s very little contest for me. The US cover does capture a side of the story but I don’t really like the art – it’s certainly not the sort of cover that will draw my attention when I’m browsing the shelves. The UK cover art, on the other hand, is the sort of thing that I find really very appealing. The colours are just the sort of thing to catch my eye as well and I feel that the art really suits a setting in a Moscow that is just emerging from Soviet repression. UK for me.

Tara says:  I like them both. The UK one is blue, different and it stands out, the US one is orangey-red and has a birdy on the cover.  I will go with the UK one just because it stands out more.


Week 30:

US: 5     UK: 16     Draw: 8

Do you want to join in too? Here’s how:
Step 1: Copy and paste the Cover Wars image.
Step 2: Copy and paste our intro or write your own but it must link back to both of our blogs.
Step 3: Copy and paste the US and UK cover images.
Step 4: Compare the two.
Step 5: Either use our score or keep your own score.
Step 6: Post it and share it!
Thanks and have fun!


  1. UK cover. No doubt for me. There is just something about the US cover that rubs me the wrong way. The UK cover stands out. I love the blue. It just looks more rough and tough to me, I reckon. Thanks for cover wars! I love it!

  2. I'm voting for the UK this round. I love blue. :-)

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