Thursday, 9 February 2012

Get A Taste: Working Stiff

Tara of Basically Books and I often read very different books but sometimes find interesting new books to potentially add to the ever-growing monsters that our TBR piles have morphed into. However, we know that we do not have 100% the same taste and we wanted another way of getting a look at these books...

Do you ever feel like getting a bit of a taster for a book you’ve been thinking of reading but aren’t fully sold on yet? Do you feel like sharing a taster for your current read with the world? Well, here’s your chance.

Each week the random number generator will pick a number between 1 and 100 for books with pages or 1 and 25% for ebooks. We figured that these numbers would keep us out of spoiler territory. Open your book to the specified place and pick a paragraph. Share it with the world!

This week the numbers are: 
page 90 for books
12% for ebooks

My book is:
click image to go to Goodreaads page

"Joe," she said, as he turned off the overhead light before opening the door. "Be careful, okay?"
"It warms my heart that you care."
She tried for a smile. "Well, you're better than McCallister."
Fideli leaned in and gave her that odd look again. "Like I said, you don't know him very well. Lock it."
He shut the door, and she hit the lock button. He was out of sight in seconds. Damn the man was stealthy.

This is one of those books that's been on my shelves for months now, just gathering dust. I find I'm in an urban fantasy mood right now and this was the closest one at hand! I'm 50 pages in so far and it's... odd at best, but certainly holds promise!


  1. This sounds like a really cool book and a really cool meme!

    I've TAGGED you in my blog post on tagging. It's a little complicated to explain properly but it's really fun! Just visit this link and see for yourself:

    1. Oooh I'v never been tagged before! This sounds like fun. I'll try to get my post done this evening. ^^


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