Friday, 17 February 2012

Tag - you're it!

Last week, Eileen of Singing and Reading in the Rain tagged me. I've never been tagged before but thank you Eileen, this looks like fun! 

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Questions from Eileen
1. What's your favourite song and artist?
For many years now (we're talking 7 or8 years here), my favourite band has been Rammstein. There's just something about Till Lindemann's voice and that particular style of music that go perfectly together. They're even better live than on the CDs and I'm all excited because I'm going to their gig here in 2 weeks! Woo!! Anyway, my favourite song is Reise, Reise. I love how lilting and melancholic it is.

2. Which book character would you trade places with for a day?
Ooh that's a tough one. Do I get to be the same age as this character as well? If I do then I'd go with Violet Elizabeth Bott. She's annoying but she gets to spend time around William Brown and Just William was my first true book love.

3. On a scale of one to ten, how crazy are you, one being perfectly sane and ten being out of your mind?
It depends on how tired I am and who I'm with at the time. Get me in the right situation and I'm an 11. Most of the time, though, I'm probably hovering around 4.

4. Sci-fi or dystopian?
Right now I seem to be on a bit of a dystopian kick so I'll go with that one.

5. What is a crazy thing that you've always wanted to do?
You might not think it's all that crazy, but ever since I was five years old I've wanted to learn Hungarian. The thing that makes it crazy is that Hungarian is not an Indo-European language so it's impossible to figure out words from basic common roots (like, the word for 'police' is fairly similar in most European languages but in Hungarian it's "rendőrség"). This makes it a difficult language to learn.

6. Worst book ever in your opinion?
I'm going to go with Breaking Dawn. The other books in the series aren't that spectacular, but in Breaking Dawn, every single rule set up in the previous books is torn down in order to give everyone the happy ending the author wanted, the only rounded character is turned into a paedophile and there are hundreds of pages that lead up to a conflict that doesn't even sizzle - the only character that dies is very conveniently the other vampire lady who had her sights on Edward. Coincidence? I think not.

7. During your childhood, what was the thing that took the longest for you to part with?
I'm not sure. Possibly my pet stone. Yes, I had a pet stone. Alfie in the Alfie and Annie Rose books, which my mum would read to me when I was very young, had a pet stone so I wanted one too. It lived next to the fireplace until we moved to France but we weren't allowed to take things like that to France so he had to stay in England.

8. Happily Ever Afters or Big Tragic Deaths?
Happily Ever Afters. Yes, the Big Tragic Deaths stay with you longer and make much more of an impression, but I like when all the trials and tribulations the characters have been through eventually allow them to enjoy their Happily Ever After that they've come to deserve.

9. Do you have an inspiration behind everything that you do?
I don't know. Do I? I don't think I do. Most of what I do I seem to do spur of the moment and not all that much thought goes into preparing it. So I'd say no.

10. What is the craziest conversation you had with a person?
Well, once I was in the train sitting next to this group of older ladies. They were all Italian and spoke French with a very thick Italian accent, which meant that I was having some trouble following them anyway, but they insisted on drawing me into their conversation. And then all of a sudden they're talking about sex in the bath! One of them turns to me and she says "I bet you enjoy sex in the bath, don't you?" I was completely dumbfounded. 

11. Quick! Somebody threw your really heavy backpack at you! What's your response?
Knowing me, I'd put my hands up to catch it and end up in pain. >.<

My Questions:
1. Who is your favourite fairy tale character and why?
2. Do you watch a lot of TV?
3. Sweet or savoury?
4. What’s your life-long dream?
5. Who is your book crush?
6. Love at first sight or a slow burning romance?
7. Vampires or werewolves?
8. If you had to learn another language, which would you choose? (Hey, I’m a language buff ;))
9.  For valentine’s: roses (as in the flowers), chocolates or a teddy bear?
10. Lucky you, you found a genie in a lamp! What would your three wishes be? (All the normal limitations apply.)
11. If you could make one book required reading for everyone, which book would it be?

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  1. Thank you for tagging me, Rea! I loved reading your answers. Hungary is my neighboring country and I have quite a few friends who are fluent in Hungarian, but I never managed to learn a single word. Good luck!

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for tagging me! I really want to play along, but unfortunately I'm suffering from internet issues at home right now, and I have to work on public computers in between work and classes. So I don't know when I'll be able to get my post up, but I will try! Thanks again!

  3. Great Questions :)

    Heres what i answered with :


  4. Thanks for answering my questions! You're the only one so far, LOL, and I think part of the reason why is looking back at my questions, they all look really random and totally not book-related. But oh well! :D

  5. great answers! It had to be difficult to really find every thing. thanks for thinking of me.


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