Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Weigh in Wednesday (3)

Weigh in Wednesday is a meme started by Lauren over at Epilogue. Each week participants weigh in on a certain topic and give their opinions. 

This week:

Love triangles vs. Insta-love

My answer:

Unfortunately I'm not permitted to say neither. Both really get on my t*ts (common expression where I'm from!).

I just finished a book where both a love triangle and the girl's insta-love for both guys are present!! Nothing could put me off more.

I'm going to go with triangles as the lesser of the two evils. If the triangle is well written, then it can work in the story's favour as the two different romantic interests introduce the character to two different aspects of their world. Sometimes I can even enjoy a love triangle. Of course, most triangles are just cheap flashy things where the author seems to be just jumping on the 'this is popular!!!1!eleven!!" bandwagon.

Insta-love, on the other hand, very rarely manages to hold its own. Especially as insta-love is in no way love. It is lust. I can't count the number of YA books I've read recently where the 'love' is almost exclusively based on physical appearances as the two characters never actually interact in a normal way that would allow them to get to know one another. Yet the love word is still thrown around.

Really, I prefer a slow-burning romance... But at a push I'm willing to grudgingly accept a slow-burning love triangle. Unless the character then ends up picking the 'wrong guy' (read: the guy I'm not interested in as the reader), in which case I won't be interested in that book anymore!

Oh, but what a fickle thing the reader's loyalty to a book can be - so easily broken by choosing the wrong damn romantic interest for the character!!

How about you? Love triangles or insta-love?


  1. I'm on love triangles side too! So far I haven't met anyone who pick insta-love :)

    Here's my longer answer:

  2. Yep, it's not insta-LOVE, it's insta-LUST or insta-attraction as I like to call it. Two totally different animals. And I agree, if the love triangle is written well, than it doesn't bother me so much:)

    My WiW

  3. I totally agree with you, definitely gets on my t*ts too! XD Right now I'm reading a book that has insta-love and it's bothering me. I noticed that insta-love is mostly in contemporary novels. Thanks for visiting my post! :)

  4. I think I almost always like the guy not picked better than the picked guy....maybe that's why love triangles bug me?? hmmm....

    See my answer at

  5. Definitely Love Triangles the more realistic of the two! Lesser of two evils haha!

  6. You said this so much better than I could have! It's perfect!

  7. BEST QUOTE EVER. : "Oh, but what a fickle thing the reader's loyalty to a book can be - so easily broken by choosing the wrong damn romantic interest for the character!" This is so true. Love Triangles are manageable but it HAS to be the right guy!


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